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Notice to the Imperium: Kingdom Hearts Completed

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Dear Denizens of Light and Seekers of Darkness, I have a announcement to make:

With the Lich King's permission, I have finished watching Dream Drop Distance movie. And OH MY GOD, WHAT JUST HAPPENED! That ending, twist, future selves and True Organziation XIII! Huh? I need sometime to piece my thoughts together, but I'm debating whether to make a video or make multiple or single treads on the forum. "Where Nothing Gathers"! Ha, I get that now Xagmus, you can't hide that from me in plain sight anymore.

Here it is, I wanted to let the community know I am lifting the Year-and-a-Half-Long "Moratorium on Spoilers" for the series of Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts franchise! I want to thank all of you for your patience and respect in abiding my wishes, especially when it's was most frustrating at times biting our tongues. Know I have 7 Ruminations to watch through and thoughts to comply together. See you all at on the Lore Run

KINGDOM HEARTS 2015 MARATHON HYOPE! Very Happy bounce Very Happy

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