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Tabletop RPG character vault

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1 Tabletop RPG character vault on Tue Sep 08, 2015 6:42 pm

Hi everyone!
Leander here, i thought about creating a thread in which we can post the biographies/summaries of our tabletop RPG characters, just to have fun or even give other people ideas for their characters.
All in all this is just in good fun seeing what characters other people come up with.

here's one of mine from the Iron kingdoms setting/ruleset

Jack/Callael(Urban Nomad/Archer):

A nyss vagrant travelling the cities of Immoren in search of ways he can help his nyss shard, as a hunter by trade for 75 years Jack has owned his skills with a bow and claymore along with expert tracking abilities.

The reason why he's not helping his shard directly it's because he can't bear to stay too long with them, the reason being Everblight's Legion. The night the legion attacked Callael was forced to slay his friends, which had been infected by incubus giving him a trauma so severe he couldn't sleep without seeing the faces of his dead friends every night (rolls for terror each night).

The priests help wasn't enough and soon he fell to drinking in order to stave off the nightmares but not long after he decided to leave his shard in order to find some peace of mind. One day he stumbled upon a mechanik's workshop who relunctantly took this nyss in and in time became friends. The village's locals though had other plans, a bunch of xenophobes gathered around the workshop, burned it down and beat the mechanik dead for harboring a nyss, Callael enraged murdered the lot of them with the last of them screaming to him "You don't know Jack! Your type has no place in our land!" before Callael promptly slices his throat, after all was said and done Callael picked up his friend's goggles and bloostained cloth using them from then on as his way of remembering him by, he also took upon himself the name Jack maybe due to his own brand of sarcastic humor.

Through every city he passes he's always on the lookout for fellow nyss in order to help them however he can, does mercenary jobs so he can earn money he can then send to his shard.
As far as personality goes, he's a sarcastic and stoic type of guy, gives no regard to non-nyss life as almost everyone but a select few were actually decent with him. He's the type of guy if in a hostage situation, he'd shoot the human hostage first so he could have a clear shot to the criminal.
nyss - winter themed elf
shard - nyss word for tribe
legion - +/- equivalent to dragon age's blight

Here's a rough drawing of what he looks like (done on mspaint in 15 minutes so it's really not of the best quality)

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