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One Piece Manga Speculation.

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1 One Piece Manga Speculation. on Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:55 pm

So, with the 2 week break in effect right now, and much of the fandom being thrown into disarray as *spoiler spoiler* the 7 largest pirates that aren't the straw hat crew that one on Dressrosa are basically pledging fealty to Luffy and asking to be subordinate crews - I feel like this would be a great time to start a One Piece thread as I know some of you will likely really want to talk about it, as I do. 

Personally I feel like this is an amazing step forward for Luffy to become the Pirate King - whether or not Luffy has a say in the 7 pirate captains wanting to join his fleet, so to say, is kinda irrelevent; they're going to do it anyway. I almost feel like these crews will become, almost, like a separate branch of the Straw Hat crew, if not exactly that. As if they will become the people that Luffy stations at islands while the main ensemble sail around the world. I feel Luffy might outright reject their offer, and say "no! do what you want." or something along those lines, and then later be convinced by the rest of the crew to accept the offer. Just imagining Zoro knocking Luffy through a loop because he declined such a request, while Ussop and Chopper totally flip out on him for being a total dunce puts a big smile on my face; it's something that I could actually see happening. Of course, I am imagining that Luffy turns it down and doesn't tell them until they reuinite with Sanji and co., which is quite possible because it's a Luffy thing to do. 

What's your ideas, for this next chapter, and beyond!

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2 Re: One Piece Manga Speculation. on Wed Sep 09, 2015 6:01 pm

I think the fleet is going to end up allied with the Strawhats either way, if only because Oda bothered to introduce each faction and the people in charge. I'm not sure how Luffy will react though. Sure he wants to be the pirate king, but to him that means being free and having adventures as such (thinking back to his conversation with Rayleigh), so I don't think he'd recruit people for the sake of power, or influence. There's also the fact that Luffy always goes to great lengths to protect his allies and somewhat recently went through the trauma of losing his brother, so I'm not sure how receptive he'd be to suddenly gain 5k+ "children" he'd be responsible for. I may be overthinking his character, I dunno. Probably he'll adopt a hands off approach and Sanji or Robin will handle the logistics of the whole thing.

Btw, do the Redhair pirates have a large fleet like Whitebeard's? I only remember them having the one ship but I'm not sure.

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