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Why the sled is called Rosebud!!!!!*** (Final Fantasy 6 symbolism)

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I feel like this might have been covered in one of Arch's many speedruns of FF6, but I just want to make sure, just in case no one stole the information from me. I deserve all the credit I can squeeze out of my contribution, owing to my dedicated research and pursuit of knowledge.*

The imperial capital in Final Fantasy VI is called "Vector", as directly translated from the Japanese language. A vector, as we all know, is a physical quantity possessing both direction and magnitude*, but more to the point, in biology, the term "vector" refers to an agent capable of, often doing so, transferring pathogens to hosts. With this comparison, I liken the imperial capital to a bloated tick, bleeding the world dry while spreading its sickness to everything it latches onto. I wonder what Celes would have to say about what that image implies. And thanks, Obama.**

* - reference
** - cheap shot meme
*** - excess exclamation marks

If you have some symbolism you feel hasn't been mentioned and deserves mentioning, and you can't wait for arch's next stream on Twitch, or if you saw what I did there(and there)...reply, I guess.

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