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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (PMD4) and the PMD series

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I have had an interesting relationship with the Pokemon Mystery dungeon series. It all started when I was introduced to the series with Red Rescue Team. I enjoyed it, but because I didn't own the game I never got to beat it. Then a few years later I obtained a copy of Blue Rescue Team (PMD1), though I never beat it. Next in 2010 I wanted Pokemon White, my mom instead got me Polemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky (PMD2). Eventually I got a third of the way though the game and decided to put the game down because I felt that it was too similar to PMD1. Then in the summer of 2012 I decided to pick PMD2 back up, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Next, in early spring Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity (PMD3) dropped. Needless to say I started my own hype-train and rode it off into the sunset. Unfortiatntly PMD3 fix some issues and created about twice as many problems; to this day I have yet to beat it. During 2013 I decided to play PMD1. Although I didn't think it to be as good as PMD2 I found it to be an incredible game.

This bings us to 2015 and the relase of PMD4 yesterday in Japan, and to be quite honest I didn't think we would get a PMD4. Though I do feel ashamed of myself for not really knowing about PMD4 until yesterday. And everything I've seen so far seems to improved over PMD3. Truth be told I Novemver 20 can't get here fast enough.

As a last thought, anyone who hasen't given this series a shot should. I my opinion this is the best Pokemon franchise hands down. Unfortianly the profesional critics don't seem to think so.(I recamend starting with PMD2; or waiting to see how the game is recived by the fans, and if it's positive picking PMD4 up.)

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I also absolutely love the games! I also enjoy the endings, even though they are basically each the same. The Soundtracks are great, the Story is great and surprisingly mature for what the game is and the characters just lovely! I haven't played PMD3 though and hadn't heard about PMD4 until just now, so I can't really say anything about those, though I would really recommend those that haven't tried the games to try them!

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