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So, Would Anyone Be Interested In A Forum National Roleplay Game?

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As a heads up, I will be doing an in depth look at everyone's nations for Approval Stamping tonight.

The Lorerunner
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^ Smile

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Spirit of Memory wrote:Because I do not have a strong opinion on the matter and it will make other's lives easier, I too would like to switch my vote to Transparency.

I too would like to switch to the side of transparency. Sorry for any complication that may arise as a result of this.

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It sound's like transparency is regarded as the easier option. I'll change my vote to transparency as well.

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Sorry I'm late to the party guys, I thought this was just the gauging interest thread but apparently this is where we're setting up! tongue

The Nation of Airohti

Race: The Airohtians are tall, thin humanoids with light brown skin, dark hair, and characteristically bright eye colors, ranging from the brightest blues to the brightest gold. Their average height is around 190 centimeters, and their average weight is 70 kilograms, only moderately taller than humans and a deal less broad. They aren't considered exceptionally strong physically, but are considered quite intelligent, not that they like the stereotype that they are all machinists. While among the Airohtians are some of the greatest technological minds in the world, they more often excel in humanities, such as literature, cultural studies, and politics. Most Airohtians strive for nothing more than the pursuit of knowledge in all fields, leading to well rounded citizens. This however leads to large amounts of adults facing a lack of specialization.

In addition to the Airohtians, the nation of Airohti also gladly harbors immigrants from other nations, albeit regulated. Airohti's make up around 90% of the population while foreigners and their descendants make up the other 10%

Culture: The Airohtian culture is centered around the idea that a Utopian society can exist, and that it is just around the corner for them. Everything they do is to strive for further understanding of each other and the world that surrounds them. Even though this society sounds flawless, it leads to an amount of social conventions and restrictions that some may deem uncomfortable. Not laws mind you, in fact there are relatively few laws, but rather social expectations. It is rather easy to offend someone out of ignorance when visiting the nation, and the only reason they may forgive you is because that is the socially acceptable thing to do.

The nation is also completely against the concept of individual learning of magic. They believe it takes away from the joys of learning in favor of creating one indisputable school of learning. If magic were introduced into society, the importance of literature, music, politics, and everything they have worked so hard to achieve may be broken. They don't of course view magic as evil, but rather they believe it a hazard to be avoided. Those caught practicing magic on their own are swiftly prosecuted. Of course it is necessary for the people to learn basic magic and magic history for their studies, so that it may be properly dealt with if needed, so magic may only be practiced with an elected supervisor, who is more educated in magical studies than most.

Government: The government is relatively small scale, with little interference in public affairs. It is a true democracy, with all citizens of age who wish to being able to vote on specific issues, rather than electing representatives. Because of this however, many citizens end up not voting for very long periods of time, simply by growing out of touch with the law making process. This has lead to a very small amount of people "in power" running the legislature consistently, even if the law says anyone may. All people of course vote on largely influential bills several times a year, and a few small bills that may specifically influence their own professions, but for the most part people are too busy enjoying their culture they are so proud of to take responsibility for their legislature. This may be referred to as a sort of "Oligarchical Democracy".

Military: The military is largely electronic, with large precise machines protecting their island. As they are opposed to the concept of magic, they study very hard to create weaponry geared against magic users. After consulting with Arche and the games rules I will come up with something, as it stands I'm not educated enough to create a cool theme. I would like some sort of primitive robot technology, like golems, that work without magic, acting as shock troops and police enforcement. That might be a little ambitious though.

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Going through the nations right now, and sitting on Twitch chat if anyone has any questions as of now (midnight EST) or wants to discuss things.

The Lorerunner
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Land of Dragoonia

Shaping Force: Religion
Population: Slimes

The Slimes are a race of drop-shaped gelatinous blobs of goo. They are 50 cm tall on average, but they have the ability to “blob” together in order to form one bigger and stronger slime mass. While in his form they are able to share thoughts and information faster, but it’s a temporary state and each slime remains an individual. However, if two slimes love each other very much they may decide to blob together permanently, in which case their beings combine into one new individual. This slime will be of the same size as its “parents” but of a denser consistency, and with greater magical and physical attributes. Slimes reproduce asexually: every other month a slime will eat a bunch of food and spawn a little slimeling who will reach adult size in a couple of years. They are short-lived: a 15 year old slime is considered elderly, and most perish long before that due to the dangers of Dragoonia. They can be of many different colors depending on level and skills.

Main Climate: Swamps, Mountains, Forest
Wilderness: 85%
Wild Animals: dangerous. Drakes, wyverns, all sorts of megafauna
Natural Resources: very abundant

The island is composed of three rings: the Outer Swamps, the Middle Mountains and the Inner Forest. Both the swamps and the mountains are hard to navigate and full of hazardous terrain, but the Grasslands are safe and peaceful… most of the time. Several ancient ruins are sprinkled across the land, with the most important one being a huge castle located at the very center of the island. Not much is known about those who built these ruins, only that they were a civilization of powerful warlocks who perished in a long forgotten war. The ruins are full of treasure and rare magical artifacts for those crazy enough to brave them.

Occurence: common
Source: inherent skill
Major Use: ubiquitous (everything)
Viewed: ordinary
Enchanted Items: extremely common

Slimes are inherently magical creatures, though most of them use it only as telekinesis and telepathy, to overcome their lack of limbs and speech. They are skilled enchanters and alchemists. They can make powerful casters but few choose to learn the skill.

Political Structure: true democracy
Strong Influence: merchants/guilds
Popular Issue: religion, trade
Stability: stable
Personal Freedoms: good
Scandals: infrequent

Laying around somewhere in the Inner Forestis a single gold crown. Every year a slime will put on the crown, and every other slime in the land may blob with him to express their wishes and vote on whatever the current issue is. This process can take up to a week, and will form a huge blob of a thousand or so slimes at a time, known as the Slime King. When it’s over, the slime who found the crown will make the majority decision official by writing it on a sign post on a prominent part of the Grassland. If a slime is too far away to participate, it may send a message either written or with another slime. Most choose to attend whenever possible, because they get to wear the crown.

Highly Values: wealth
Known For: ruins, exotic wildlife
Popular Entertainment: theatre, gambling, frolicking
Respected Profession: merchant, explorer
Major Taboo: un-blobby behavior
Major Social Ill: organized crime

Focus: dragon worship
Worship: joyous public sacrifices by all
Associated Artform: interpretative dance
Prevalence: believed by most
Holidays: few

In the middle of the Forest lie the ruins of an ancient castle, which has been the lair of a High Dragon since times immemorial. This dragon is a flying gold Godzilla-sized beast that breaths fire. It can sleep for years, but will occasionally wake up to cause havoc, burninate the countryside and snack on any slimes it finds. The only way to stop it is to throw gold and other such valuables to its hoard until it’s satisfied. This is the reason why one of the main concerns of a slime is to earn treasure. Naturally slimes grew to become little hoarders themselves and equate their own happiness to the size of their gold stash.

Though the slimes fear the High Dragon greatly, they also practice a sort of animism as they consider it their God, and the embodiment of the island. The slimes gladly contribute to the dragon hoard, as it keeps the Dragon happy, which translates to prosperity for the island. They believe that if the High Dragon died, the island would be doomed forever.

Dragoonia in general is a homogeneous society, but it does have two fringe groups of note. The Draconic Guard is a cult that is particularly zealous in their devotion to the High Dragon. They sacrifice everything they have to the hoard and claim to be the voice of the High Dragon’s will. The Polymorphic Slimes are those who refuse to worship the High Dragon or add to the dragon hoard. They’re not allowed in the Forest and live somewhere in the Middle Mountains.  They’re called Polymorphic because in an effort to distance themselves from the rest of their blobby brethren, they train their masses to appear more humanoid-like, by squeezing themselves into a human-shaped casings and wearing a clay mask they can slightly shape to emulate expressions (like so). They do not use magic and function as a black market.

Main Export: lumber, fruits, crops (tobacco, sugar, cocoa, wheat), potions, wine, silk, laborers, baked goods
Main Import: precious metals, gems, mercenaries
Main Resource: food, rare artifacts, ore, alchemy ingredients
Wealth: spread throughout upper and middle classes
They farm fruit and crops for export in the Grasslands, and gather alchemic ingredients from the Outer Swamp, which are then used to craft poisons and healing potions.
They have domesticated the Giant Mountain Spider. It’s used as a source of alchemic ingredients, and its silk is crafted into a textile which is quite durable. It’s also a mount.
Slimes are very curious about the world outside Dragoonia, so they’re quite willing to work abroad either as laborers or merchants. They also sell cakes (which may or may not contain spider) (spider cake is gluten-free)

Strength: average
Focus: land
Main Unit: infantry
Soldiers: volunteers, draftees
Main Use: exploration
Rank: earned through heroic actions
While individual slimes are very weak, they can be dangerous in large numbers. There is the occasional Wizard Slime, or Wizlime. The strongest of slimes become Dragoos.

Size: high
Urban: 10%
Rural: 90%
Literacy Rate: 100%
Gender Ratio: None
Fertility Rate: high
Life Expectancy: 15 years
Slimes have little use for cities, as they prefer to live in the wilderness. They only have three cities: the capital in the Grasslands, a harbor on the edge of the island for trading, and the polymorphic slimes settlement in the Middle Mountains.

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Alright.  Everyone's nations except Darkrai's and Fearsome's are

Darkrai's Eyes Only:
So I need you to edit or remove the thing you have listed in the Scandal.  That's it, everything else works well.

Fearsome's Eyes Only:
We need to talk about the 'tech' level of your people, and I'd rather do that back and forth so poke at me on stream or if you see me on b.net or whatever.

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I'll do a post talking about a few things like Chrysm, the nature of the world, the pirates... etc.

The Lorerunner
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I've done my editing. I don't know what I was thinking, I just did it for laughs at the time I wrote it.

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Idea for a nation(not applying)

Orcs. Here if you want it, pick it up if you like. Just got me thinking, so I wanted to share. Arch, I would be delighted if you decided to NPC this nation if no one stat'd it and wished to start with it. Pretty please.

Origin: in a nation with a population of varying races "just like"(loosely) any other. A corrupt, clandestine cabal with many connections attempted to use EVIL powers for EVIL, or something. Their ritual, or machinations(magical or otherwise) went awry; they failed, and within a radius covering the whole nation and passing the boundaries of others, a benign-yet-freakshow side effect mutated the population, transforming them and giving them tusk-like mandibles and pig-like fac--they're orcs, 'k? They're orcs. Imagine your stereotypical orc.

Appearance(very important, obviously!)
Face: sharper teeth, tusk-like canines, incisors remain flat. Otherwise, "goblinized"(ripping it straight out of Shadowrun, more on how after this)
Skin color: *might* be no change, but very likely to run the gamut of shades of green, but no addition of any of the other colors mixing in(no blue, no red, no anything except for green! Except maybe brown/black and pink). Additionally, includes Black-thru-pink complexions.
Hair color: no change
Other: various other physical features of a goblinized individual's previous racial identity(including limbs and extremities). Some races cannot be goblinized. Discretion left to GM and/or nations' players.
Longevity: 60-85 yrs.

As they later came to be called orcs, the orcs were vilified and estranged, even those who goblinized beyond the border of the nation, and bear their changed appearance as a mark of the powerhungry, zealous, or crazy(take your pick) scheming shadow group's sin or selfish ambition or callous terrorism(take your pick(again)). The people outside the nations were originally fearful or repulsed, and drove the orcs out and into the (hereto unnamed) orc nation. This caused issues of overpopulation and immigration to become dire and problematic. Riots and other political/economical bad things happened, and the culture promoted contention and physically combative behavior - especially during some early bouts of martial law which lasted for 6 months to a year. Their military might was bolstered significantly, and while their foreign policy may no longer be aggressive or militaristic, their reputation has suffered for being so at an earlier time.

The goblinization is restricted to those who are born mutated. People who show no physical changes but are gene tested(or Scanned) and found positive are required to register, even within the nation itself. All offspring of even one mutated parent are expected to mutate at some point in their life between adolescence and middle age, and thus are considered "carriers" of this mutation. There are no half-mutated offspring, although to some races to whom "normal" pink-thru-black is considered the norm, those with skin tones ranging from pink to black are considered "half" mutated. Some may have less of a rugged appearance, or smaller tusks, but this is not controlled or varied through "mutants" mating outside their "kind".

It exists, but almost always manifests as "keep to yourself" and profiling types. Hate crimes exist, but the orcs can't be considered a special case in relation to frequency or degree.

Flexible preset!(and pretty much unstat'd)
Use the descriptions as a guidelines. Pick this up and give it stats to your preference, but the idea is that the "orc nation" gets a solid boon to anything related to military might(you choose), and is less than average/desired in some if not most foreign relations/policies. And population is high.

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The Nation of Orisoni

Since most are going for technology based nations, I figured that it would be cool to play a nation based solely around religious zealotry.  I’m not really a writer, so I’m giving this my best shot.  Let’s see where this goes.  

Race: Made up of humans (boring, I know) who follow their religion with a passion.
Religion: A polytheistic religion followed to the point where it dominates the locals’ daily lives.  Followers of the religion worship the gods of earth, wind and fire (and other minor gods).  The religion is based on following “the path” on the road to “the great journey”.  Their belief is that there is another world that exists which will give them riches beyond their wildest dreams (food, gold, etc…) and if they “walk the path” (a.k.a. do things which will benefit their society in some way), they will be able to reach this land and live in prosperity.  Those who do things which do NOT benefit society (murder, theft, rape, etc…) will be cast to the “dires”, to suffer for the rest of eternity.  

Culture:  humans of this floating island use technology to benefit society, things like farming and mining tools for example.  The people believe that they connect to the gods through the arts (song, dance, sculpture, etc.).  They pray on a daily basis using statues of different gods, incense, and meditation.  Through prayer they believe that good fortune will be bestowed upon them.  They also enjoy partaking in sport, similar to Olympic sports (running, swimming, etc.).  Once a year they hold a competition where the competitors from around the region come to compete.  

Government: The religious leader is also the head of state.  States which make up the nation are ruled by the local religious leader, called a “Prelate”.  The Prelates of each state are tasked with making sure that the laws are followed (a.k.a the religion is followed according to doctrine).   Once a month, the prelates gather in the capital to hold a gathering with the current head of state to discuss the state of the religion and how their areas are doing.  

Shaping Force: Religion
Population: Predominantly Human
Main climate: Tropical
Ocean: on all sides
Mountains: a few, including volcanoes
Frequent Trouble: Floods
Wilderness: 17%
Wild animals: rare
Natural Resources: Good Amount
Occurrence: In the hands of an epic few
Source: thought to be “granted by the gods”
Major Use: protection
Viewed:  with reverence
Enchanted Items: rare
Political Structure: oligarchy - theocracy
Strong Influence: religion
Popular Issue: religion
Personal Freedoms: somewhat repressed
Scandals: rare
Foreign Relations: bad
High Values: magical aptitude
Known For: architecture
Popular entertainment: athletics
Respected Profession: artisan
Discrimination: Sexuality - based
Major Taboo: magic
Major Social ILL: infidelity
Type: pantheism
Focus: health and physical well-being
Worship: joyous daily prayers in temples
Associated Artform: tile murals
Prevalence: believed by many
Holidays: often
Main Resource: mining - gems
Main export: resource-related
Main Import: technology-related
Trade: slight surplus
Strength: very weak, but improving
Wealth: in the hands of a very few
Strength: somewhat weak
Focus: sea
Main Unit: large, armored ships
Soldiers: volunteers, mostly former competitors of the “Olympic” competitions.
Main Use: quenching rebellion
Rank: earned through heroic actions
Urban: 56%
Rural: 44%
Literacy Rate: 59%
Gender Ratio: 0.93 M/F
Fertility Rate: 2.2 children/family
Life expectancy: 75.5 years

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I had some spare time so I decided to try my hand at some lore. Hope you enjoy.

Preface - What follows is the oldest intact record in the historium - and the only discovered written account of the fabled Fall. For an unknown number of generations this document has been in the possession of the Valle decendancy, apparently in a locked trunk. Fortunately for us, the families curiosity won out and the lock was forcibly broken. Upon discovering the contents, this diary was delivered to us for immediate analysis and examination. Historian, it falls to us to glean any information that might lead to an explanation regarding the Fall, and any means to recover what was lost.

Kennedy Valle, Scout Captain
4th Scout Elite

3rd Moon of Harvest,

I could see stars. The air was still. Our spirits were high after a substantial haul. Hewett was tediously berthing the aerostat when it happened. The detonation was fierce. The city woke as the ground began to fall out from underneath. Immediately the klaxon sounded-

In the following hours, the Elite worked tirelessly and valiantly to help as many people off-

As many people out of Tonia as possible. Our measly craft was so small! At first I could not save but a half do-

A half dozen. After three such evacuations I made a terrible mistake in judgement. In order to make room for more citizens, I ordered our haul of Chrysm to be shed. Little did I know it was the last Chrysm to ever grace the nation of Tonia, as at that moment ours was the only aerostat with such a cargo! Curse the foul beasts or barbarians that dealt us this accursed fate! What could have been if we still had that resource! Perhaps it would have changed nothing, our good aero was snagged and torn asunder by a black beast upon a landing and had to be forsakened.

The surface is inhospitable and damned. The remaining Elites and I have set up a perimeter keeping our people safe bu-

But the beasts still come. I can barely hash out a thought before needing to take up arms. I can’t imagine our blast lasting very much longer.  But we will find a way to survive. I’ve been relieved. Ordered to rest by my own second! Before I do, I have to put an account of what happened to record. In the chaos, not much was saved. The sun rises red and furious………………………………………………………….

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Hrm.. I really think it should be established at some point what "age" of technological advancement the world at large is. It could have a profound effect on where introduced nations and their population are at.

That said, I'm all for there being substantial tech / magic stages between nations, even at the start, assuming they are within said nation's lore and aren't something absurd.

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It has. Ancient era, or brand new civilization/nation.

Now, the implication in my post was that any tech they may have had was lost.

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Deacon, you would surprised at the level of technological sophistication ancient cultures were at, and what they were capable of doing before the Great Library of Alexandria was accidentally burned and the remainder moved to the chaos of the Middle East.

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Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating a rigid, linearly-progressive technological (or even) magical advancement: both Dragoon and Aerois' posts explain my reasoning when it comes to that (I am unfortunately a layman when it comes to history, but I do vaguely recall an ancient civilization had begun the earliest experimentation with the mystery of electricity before it was lost to time). It mostly a formality and courtesy for participants. I recall a post mentioning the genetic screening of newborns and it puzzled me, considering the proposed early-tech period this begins in, though the presence of "lost technology" could likely suffice for such instances.

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S'all good. It's important for us to all be on the same page.

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A violently violet, crystalline substance that continuously glows a bright whitish-violet glow, Chrysm is the cornerstone for multiple avenues of society. It can be ground up into powder, processed into a viscous liquid, or used as adornments or jewelry. It also provides an astonishing amount of energy if properly harnessed as a fuel source for technology, and can similarly power magical items.. or even magic directly. Some mages are known to supplement their existence with Chrysm, either in jewelry, intake, or otherwise. There are rumors that Chrysm has long-term detrimental affects, though nothing proven definitively yet.

Chrysm generates more power the more of it gathered into one spot, reaching volatile levels after a certain point. It is heavily theorized that one of the reasons the surface is so inhospitable is the tremendous concentrations of Chrysm everywhere, overrunning nearly half the surface of the land, and some theorize the oceans as well. When large concentrations of Chrysm are gathered, brilliant lightning arcs course through the crystals, causing harm to virtually any in their presence.

The one common use for Chrysm is to keep the islands afloat. Each nation has their own method by which they transfer the Chrysm to where it needs to be to maintain the island's status... rituals, machines, dumping it in a hole or a river, letting dragons carry it off... but the end result is always the same; the Island remains afloat for a while longer. Most nations are well aware of the consequences of an island running out, as the remains of one of the larger islands that plummeted to the earth decades ago still looms on the western continent, overrun with storms and horrors.

The Lorerunner
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While, naturally, there are several larger islands floating over the hellscape below, these are not the only islands in the skies. There are dozens or hundreds (no one is entirely certain) of smaller islands floating about. Most of these remain mobile, scraping together a living off of what they can steal from the larger islands or the other smaller ones, and the occasional excursion to the surface to procure Chrysm to trade. There's a large variety in these people; some are clans, some tribes, some bandit groups, some pirates. The one commonality is that each does not have enough 'land' to make a real life on their own, utterly relying on the others around them to survive. It is via the Citors (a generalized term for all such wanderers) that most cultures have been aware of other cultures, if only in vague and generalized rumors.

Where All Gathers
(as per the vote the other day)
The various Nations have only recently, within the last year, become aware of not only the reality of the other organized Nations but also the sheer number of them and how advanced they have become (compared to the far simpler Citors). This is all because of an event that each Nation has their own name and term (and explanation) for; the Portalstorm. One day, almost 10 months prior, people from each Nation suddenly and randomly found themselves on an island that was not their own. The chaos of this event is hard to over-estimate, as species encountered other species they had never before met who also spoke the same language as they. Three days later, again without warning, each person still living was abruptly returned to where they originated, leaving the Nations with many questions. Some Nations explored the Rifts created on each island with technology, some with magic, some with slimes. But each Nation came to the same conclusion; through the Rift was a vast, green, alien landscape lush with flora and devoid of fauna. Any given Rift entered leads to the same location, regardless of where done so, and each Rift has an opposite within the gathering space to return to it, or to another Nation. In mere weeks the Nations reacted to these, establishing markers and (in some cases) defenses over their Rifts to ensure no incursions... but in a surprisingly short period of time merchants began to set up shop and warehouses within the gathering space, and the Nations realized that some sort of action on their part would be required to keep a stake within the unusual landscape, which began to be known formally as Where All Gathers, though there are several more slang terms for it.
It is worth noting that the Rifts are limited in how many people can transit between them at once, namely... one person at a time, requiring a few seconds before another can go through.

The Lorerunner
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We will be doing the Transparency method of Turns per the vote of the people, which won by 2 votes. I suggest everyone gets used to spoiler tags, and hope everyone follows the honor system regarding out of character knowledge.

Oh and we have a section in the forum now. Shutting this thread down.

The Lorerunner
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