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Pokemon's similarities to Final Fantasy

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1 Pokemon's similarities to Final Fantasy on Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:14 am

Hi, i've been trying to come up with something to try to get a friend to play Final Fantasy games. He really likes and plays the Pokemon games which have some similarities. (He also likes Zelda games).

I've been making my own list, but I was wondering if some of the friendly folk here would be interested in listing some similarities and a possible recommendation for a first. I've only played Red/Blue/Gold/Silver, so I am not really aware of any changes in the pokemon games since.

Typical Similarities Between Pokemon and Final Fantasy:

  • Menu Turn-Based Battles*
  • Gain Experience and level up by defeating enemies
  • Battle enemies in random encounters
  • Learn Many new skills although you can only have a certain amount equipped at a time
  • Traveling around the map questing. Main/side quests
  • Certain Amounts of customization


  • Final Fantasy has controlling 3-4 people at a time, however no party to switch between (with 10 as an exception). While in Pokemon, you can control only 1 at a time, however can switch between 5 other party members.
  • In Final Fantasy you have a small amount of characters you can choose to be in your party (usually around 6-8 ) and typically, most characters are gained throughout the story and are not optional. In Pokemon you have hundreds of characters you can have in your party
  • The plot of Pokemon games are minimal compared to Final Fantasy games.
  • Pokemon gain new abilities from TMs, HMs, and when a character becomes a specific level. In Final Fantasy they gain new abilities in different ways depending on the game. Most gain it through some sort of alternate leveling system (such as the Job/class system, Materia, Junction, Grid-based systems).
  • Pokemon games uses a Traditional turn-based system in which it gives the player all the time in the world for the player to select moves/attacks, while typically in Final Fantasy games, they use the famous Active Time Battle (ATB) which is a more active and well... time based system.

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2 Re: Pokemon's similarities to Final Fantasy on Wed Oct 07, 2015 2:14 am

You could say that it's like a Zelda-like epic story with Pokemon-style rpg combat. Not 100% accurate but it might get him to play

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3 Re: Pokemon's similarities to Final Fantasy on Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:23 am

There are a lot of similarities, but at the same time, Pokémon features unique qualities that may be the deciding factor for him. If hunting and collecting monsters is what he enjoys the most about the games, he will have little incentive to pick up Final Fantasy. Same is true if he enjoys the lighthearted and minimalistic story. Pokémon games also tend to be much faster paced, which is what draws a lot of players in. Ask him if he enjoys the more challenging fights and team battles a lot. If he does, Final Fantasy offers more complex battles than even that, so it might be for him. Also, if he likes the occasional larger-than-life feeling dungeons of the Pokemon series, especially in Gen 4, then again, Final Fantasy might be for him.

If you want to sum it up as easily as possible: Final Fantasy is Pokémon without the monster collecting, but with deeper combat and complexer storytelling. Maybe tell him that the music of the series is quite amazing too. That might sell him. I suggest showing thim Battle on the Big Bridge from FFV for example, as it has a certain Pokémon vibe.

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