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Hey.. You Wanna See a Starship Blow Up in HD?

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Twisted Evil (NOTE: obviously quite loud)

An in-engine depiction of the critical failure of one of Star Citizen's multi-crew ships, the Constellation, which is suggested to be a spiritually similar ship to what the Millennium Falcon was to Star Wars.

Here's a static interior view simulating the concept behind what a player within the ship will experience during critical failure. Unfortunately they don't have the breakage implemented in these examples, though it's still a great reference for anyone looking for inspiration for a story containing a similar event:

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Fuck! that's amazing. I can't wait for this game... if they ever finish it.

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I wouldn't worry. Every game with huge scope takes a loooooong time.


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Aerois wrote:I wouldn't worry. Every game with huge scope takes a loooooong time.


That's what's very difficult for people to grasp, since Star Citizen has been a "thing" in public ever since Chris originally went shopping around with his polished in-engine demo way back in '11, but after the overwhelming (and unexpected) record-shattering crowd-funding campaign dwarfing their intended $2mil asking price, they communicated with followers and ultimately decided to restructure the endeavor and scale it up to the massive scale we see them going towards today.

You've got so much of the gaming public that are now playing the part of "publisher" in that they got in on the ground floor and are having to sweat out the required years for the project to see full fruition, and they're getting wrapped up in all the drama having a glass-house studio funded with consumer faith draws in. Unfortunately this is further complicated by their ignorance (not intended as an insult) of high-production development when multiple teams and studios are involved, and internal restructuring and reallocation of talent and development tasks are being misconstrued as overly ambitious / irresponsible spending.

But I've already railed on about this in various streams where it's come up in casual conversation, and I don't mean to flavor this "Cool Stuff™" intended post with any of the rhetoric or politics regarding the project, so I'll cap my thoughts there. I do hope the sequence was entertaining though ^_^

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haha, well I have nothing to add because that's a pretty complete summary of what's happened.

Can't wait to get in mah spaceships.

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I heard they he has been spending alot of the money on himself rather then developing the game, hope it still gets finished with everything they have promised(no I'm not a supporter I rather buy a finished product).

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ZeroCool wrote:I heard they he has been spending alot of the money on himself rather then developing the game..

Just be very careful when it comes to unverified rumors, and whatever you do, stay well-clear of the blight upon the gaming industry that is known as Derek Smart. All I'm going to say about that.

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ok I take back what I have said, those were very unfounded rumors sorry for the necro to this just hunted this down to show that clip to a friend, I am now a supporter and very much looking forward to this game.

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