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Thoughts on Undertale(and reactions. and SPOILERS!

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Opinions/reactions about/to things in Undertale(super spoils, no read!). Also, stuff I did in Undertale. I don't really expect to start a discussion here, but please put all responses in spoiler tags if you decide to post. I've only played this game once through, and I plan on playing again at some point.

Don't let the names fool you, they're a cover for the major spoilers.
So, the first time I fought Toriel(here we go), I didn't think I was able to Spare her yet on account of nothing being yellow in the menus. Talking didn't work, so I fought her. I got her down to a 4th or 5th of her health, still nothing telling me whether I could spare her, and on my next attack, I did 130-200 damage and I accidentally killed her! I mean, dude. All I can think of while she's talking is I'm holding her up by her shoulders or head in utter shock at her bloodied form, and my bloodied hands, thinking "oh god, it's everywhere! No, stop...don't go... What have I done??" And then that little bastard Flowey had the sheer fucking gall to accuse me of murder. Murder! Me, a murderer! You know what pal? So what? Just for that, I'm going to abuse the hell out of my power. And you're next.

I did not flirt with the skeleton. No.

Waterfall Caves:
When Unyne revealed what had happened to the other humans that fell underground, it really angered me. Six human souls, and the humans before the kid apparently never gotten as far. I just keep thinking of them as only being kids like the one I was playing. All this time Undyne never felt a little guilty capturing kids, to hand over to her king to die? I wished I could say this to her. For her to know what she's done, and not feel the least bit guilty, I wanted to bring the verbal smackdown.

Finaru bossu!:
The reason why the monsters wanted to cross the barrier somewhat lessened that anger, but it only turns my anger on the king, even after his pathetic excuses. How many humans would have to fall down to the monster kingdom and get murdered by him, for him to finally feel remorseful enough to stop? None, I guess, since he was still willing to kill me in order to cross the barrier. He was pitiful and full of crap. I spared him because he did feel sorry, but honestly I could have gone either way.

And then I killed the last boss. Mercy? I don't have any mercy for the little shit.

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Do not read this unless you finished the game and played/watched the Genocide ending:
I was going to make a huge post, with reasoning and information and theorycrafting on why Toby Fox should screw himself. Instead I'll just say 'Screw you Toby Fox!' and be done with it to save everyone's time.

... Undertale is still one of the best games of all time for me. *sigh* Sorry, I'm done.

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the spoils, Undertale roleplay:
Yeah I believe it would have been better if we could ask more questions to get a better understanding instead of just progressing. After seeing the "true" ending, my thoughts on a couple things my original post have changed. That's the problem with these meetings with the NPCs. You don't get to ask, you don't get to discuss. It felt like I was supposed to take everything at face value and just move through the story. And it's all you can do, and I could only get angry about it.

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